Postformula Design

New design for Postformula (our impressive history began in 2015 with Christmas cards design, continuing with the creation of a logo and following up by many other designs). Those results became a foundation for creating a new corporate identity. Postformula is an interior design company that creates a really comfortable homes and apartments. The company works in three areas: Design, Craft, and Decor – and we created a unique design for each of these areas. Postformula Design creates a living space by going beyond usual design. Its new identity is the mixture of text and images. Postformula Craft works in the sphere of industrial design and manufactures copper products and interior pieces. Postformula Craft works closely with Postformula Design and Decor by complementing the interior design projects with unique copper masterpieces.
Postformula Decor develops interior design projects, focusing on selecting textiles and color accents as well as setting the mood for the entire living space. Our design united all three areas in style: we used similar visual techniques and the same grid for all printing materials. At the same time, each area can be easily identified. New elements of identity helped Postformula increase its operations; the company has successfully been using them for several years, participating in many Ukrainian and international exhibitions. New materials are going be printed soon.
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